An access control system can be used for virtually any door where you want to regulate and monitor access. Interior or exterior doors can easily be supervised with readers, contacts, and an array of locking devices that suit your needs.

Keyscan access control systems are designed to make access control as easy as possible to implement in your facility. Whether you are designing a basic system with a single door or a complex system with hundreds of doors in multiple facilities around the world, Keyscan has an access control solution to suit your needs.

This makes configuration options as simple as possible. All Keyscan hardware and software is 100% North American designed, engineered and manufactured so every component works together to create a feature-rich solution that is intuitively organized for end user ease-of-use.

Specific Keyscan CA series access control units are outlined below on the left; common features and benefits are outlined on the right. Units can be mixed and matched to meet your requirements.

CA Series Control Units

Contents and product sheets for each specific CA series door control unit are listed below.

CA8500 - 8 Reader Access Control Unit

Keyscan CA8500 door control unitEach CA8500 includes the following components.

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CA4500 - 4 Reader Access Control Unit

Each CA4500 includes the following components.

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CA250 - 2 Reader Access Control Unit

Each CA250 includes the following components.

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CA150 - Single Door PoE* Control Unit

When it comes to performance, capacity, and overall capability, the CA150 is comparable with our full line of access control units. The CA150 is designed to perform with Keyscan access control management software.

WLALKIT Wireless Lock Interface Kit