System VII

Access Control Management Software

System VII has a family of optional modules that expand the functionality of your Keyscan access control system and give you even greater integration capabilities.


System VII Optional Modules

Keyscan DSC Integration Module

Intrusion Panel Integration - K-DSC

Keyscan's K-DSC conveniently integrates a DSC Power Series or MAXSYS intrusion panel with System VII. Monitor DSC zones and partitions from within System VII with arming and disarming capabilities and much more.

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Keyscan's CCTV Integration Module

CCTV Integration - K-TV

The ultimate in integrated security, Keyscan's optional K-TV module is incredibly user-friendly and seamlessly integrates CCTV with the access control system. Supports leading DVR brands and Web-enabled cameras.

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Keyscan's K-WEB Module

System VII WEB Access - K-WEB

Keyscan's optional K-WEB gives you remote access control management for single or multiple sites from anywhere on the globe. Imagine, this extraordinary application lets you harness the power of the Internet to manage your access control system.

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Keyscan's Visitor Management Module

Visitor Management - K-VIS

Keyscan's optional Visitor Management module has a full range of automated features to register and monitor visitors. The K-VIS gives you better oversight on visitor activity so you always know who is in the building.

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Keyscan's Photobage and Verification Module

Photobadging & Verification - K-Badge

This module gives you an added edge when it comes to security. This dual purpose optional module verifies cardholder identities and conveniently integrates photobadging within the access control system.

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Keyscan's Security Command Module

Security Command Module - K-CM

Now included with System VII, the K-CM module is a powerful tool for security personnel or system administrators to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently. Combines three functions in one - active mapping, guard tours, and alarm watch.

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