Keyscan Webinars

Keyscan WEB-based training (WBT) courses are a convenient way to update your access control skills when time is limited or you just need an update on a particular aspect of access control. Each WEB-based training module is approximately 1 to 2 hours.

Keyscan Training


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What You Need

All you need is an Internet-connected PC or tablet and a telephone. A high-speed Internet connection is recommended, but not required. There is no cost for the training. You dial a 1.800 number so the telephone call is free.

WBT keeps you current with access control from the convenience of your PC or tablet. Training is Internet based, while Keyscan's instructor discusses the material on an interactive conference call.

Webinar Requirements

You can participate in Keyscan's WEB based-training seminars or conferences provided your computer or tablet has the resources listed below. Excluding the possibility that you may have to download an up-to-date browser, you do not have to download any special software to interface with Keyscan's WEB-based training seminars.


If you require an up-to-date browser, you can download the latest version by clicking on one of the links below


The software application that Keyscan uses to conduct WBT seminars works on public and private networks with firewall and proxy servers. No special network configuration is required. Standard HTTP or HTTPS ports are used for communication between Keyscan and your computer. By default, all Keyscan WBT seminars and conferences are secure and confidential. All WEB communications are encrypted using secure socket layer (SSL) through the HTTPS protocol. Most WEB browsers provide a visual indicator, usually a lock icon opposite the WEB address bar, when the connection is secure.